3 Questions You Need To Ask When Making A Car Accident Claim

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3 Questions You Need To Ask When Making A Car Accident Claim

A car accident can leave you with severe injuries and other damages such as loss of wages. Luckily, you are eligible for compensation if the accident resulted from another driver's carelessness, excessive speeding, or intoxication.

However, personal injury cases are not always easy to resolve alone. You may require the expertise of a seasoned car accident lawyer to develop a strong claim against the faulty party. The following are three frequently asked questions about a car accident claim.

Will a Traffic Ticket Affect Your Injury Claim?

A traffic ticket can help or destroy your injury claim, depending on the circumstances behind it. For example, if a driver was issued a ticket for running a red light before ramming into your vehicle, the situation will work in your favor.

Similarly, some tickets issued for non-moving violations could also help prove that a person is negligent. For example, if the person got a ticket for broken tail lights, you could use this to prove that they are reckless. Furthermore, negligent vehicle maintenance is an indication that the person has caused an avoidable car crash. However, the case could get complicated if you had been issued a traffic ticket just before the accident. 

Does Personal Injury Protection Cover Passengers?

Most states have introduced no-fault insurance where you get compensation regardless of whether you caused the accident or not. In addition, personal injury protection (PIP) insurance covers the medical bills and other damages that you get after an accident.

You can use your PIP even when you were not using your vehicle when the accident happened. For example, it will cover injuries accrued in another person's vehicle and injuries sustained by a pedestrian. Additionally, the PIP covers you and your family, including the small kids. If you are unsure about this cover, consult your car accident lawyer.

How Can You Prove You Suffered a Permanent Injury?

Some car accidents lead to permanent injuries or incapacitation. Most states have a simple law on compensating for these injuries. However, other states require you to prove that you suffered a permanent injury.

Permanent injuries include loss of limbs, losing a pregnancy, disfigurement, and loss of mobility. In this case, your car accident lawyer will help you gather crucial evidence such as medical records, doctor's notes, and expert testimonies to prove your injuries.

The above questions will equip you to make a better personal injury claim. But more importantly, hire a competent car accident lawyer to help you through the process. Their experience and deep knowledge of the law increase your chances of getting compensated. 

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