How To Pursue A Settlement After A Group Motorcycle Accident

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How To Pursue A Settlement After A Group Motorcycle Accident

A common part of motorcycle riding is riding with a group of motorcyclists. This can be a lot of fun, but it can also sometimes be dangerous if it isn't done in the right way. You might find yourself involved in a catastrophic accident and another motorcyclist in your group might be at fault.

Motorcycle Hand Signals

To be able to ride safely on a motorcycle, every motorcyclist needs to use hand signals. If one of the other riders doesn't use hand signals or ignores important hand signals, they might be liable for injuries that result from a crash.

Proper Formations

To avoid the issue of blind spots, motorcyclists need to ride in formations. You will want to choose a formation that will allow you to be seen by multiple cars. The group leader will need to plan this out, and failing to do so could be a form of negligence.

Ride Leader Negligence

One of the goals of the ride leader is to make sure that you are passing the other vehicles safely. If the leader doesn't guide you to pass other vehicles in a safe manner, you may be able to hold them responsible for the accident that occurs as a result.

Unsafe Driving

The motorcyclists riding with you might operate their vehicles in an unsafe manner because they might be under the influence of alcohol, aren't following traffic light indicators, or are speeding. 

What to Do After an Accident

If an accident occurs as a result, you will want to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even if you think you are not that injured, your injuries might be worse than you think and you will need evidence to prove that you are as injured as you claim.

After you have received medical treatment, contact a motorcycle accident law attorney. Your attorney will gather the evidence necessary for you to fight your case and will help you craft an argument for why you should be entitled to a settlement for your injuries.

How to Pursue a Settlement

You will want to pursue a settlement because a lawsuit can be more expensive and take a long time. Also, the jury will sometimes be biased against a motorcyclist. The other motorcyclist who was negligent should be carrying motorcycle insurance, and you will be able to pursue the maximum possible settlement with the help of a motorcycle accident law attorney.

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