5 Things You Should Do Immediately After An Auto Accident

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5 Things You Should Do Immediately After An Auto Accident

No one ever anticipates an auto accident, and when it happens, it leaves you confused and in shock. However, it's always important to prepare yourself for such a scenario because chances are, at some point, you will get involved in an accident or encounter someone who has and needs your help. After the accident, the four most important things to do are:

  • Check the extent of your injuries
  • Check on the people in your car
  • Check on the condition of the other car's occupants, if you can move
  • Move as far away as you can from the vehicle, then call emergency services

The next steps you make will be critical if you or the other car's driver files an auto accident lawsuit, usually considered a personal injury case.

Look for Evidence

If you can, take photos of the accident scene, the condition of the cars, and, if possible, the occupants. Also, take pictures of your injuries and any other evidence you can. This will come in handy in a personal injury lawsuit.

Get Medical Attention

This is the most crucial step to take even when you don't feel pain. It's recommended that you have a head scan and a doctor checks your entire body. If you've suffered minor cuts and bruises, the doctor will clean and stitch the wounds then prescribe pain medication. Ask the doctor to write down a prognosis detailing the extent of your injuries and the treatment plan.

The same goes for the other passengers in your vehicle. Usually, the local emergency services will help all of you get to the nearest health facility for treatment.

Contact Your Insurer

It's essential to notify your insurance company soon after the accident. If you take too long to report, the insurer might refuse your claim. If the other driver's insurance company contacts you, don't accept any payment or agreement or make a statement without your lawyer.

Contact the Police

The duration you should file a police case varies from state to state, but make sure you file the report within 72 hours. The police report is essential when you've suffered severe injuries or want to file a claim from your insurer.

Get an Attorney

Getting an experienced personal injury lawyer eases the stress of fighting for fair compensation when your mobility is limited. You can relax and take care of your injuries as the lawyer builds a strong case leading to fair compensation.

Inform your auto accident lawyer soon after the auto accident, giving them enough time to prepare and collect evidence.

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