Can You Sue for a Restaurant Injury?

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Can You Sue for a Restaurant Injury?

When you head to a local restaurant, you are likely hoping to have a good time and don't expect to become injured. However, there are certain types of restaurant injuries that are common and that you may deserve compensation for. After being treated, you'll want to talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Common Restaurant Injuries

If the food is delivered to you very hot, you might suffer from burn injuries. Some burn injuries might simply lead to a pain and suffering claim while other burn injuries can be serious enough to require a skin graft.

Restaurants can sometimes have a lot of trip and fall hazards. The floors need to be cleaned regularly and can sometimes still be wet after a recent mopping. This can lead to a slip and fall. You might also trip over a chair. However, to receive compensation for a trip and fall injury, you will need to prove that the conditions were egregious enough that the restaurant owner was negligent.

How to Prove That the Restaurant Was Dangerous

After the accident, make sure to speak with any witnesses and exchange contact information. Ask them if they would like to be witnesses and ask them to write down anything they can remember. You will also want to take photographs of the scene of the accident so you can show how serious the conditions were.

For burn injuries, you may need to rely solely on your medical bills after you receive treatment as well as photographs. Take a picture of you with your injuries resulting from the scalding accident while you are in the restaurant. This will help show that the scalding injury occurred in the restaurant.

Liability for a Restaurant Injury

The restaurant owner is responsible for any injuries that occur in the restaurant. However, the amount of due care that the restaurant owner must show can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, if there are any hazards, a restaurant owner is responsible for making sure that customers are informed about these hazards periodically.

If you aren't sure whether you will have a case after your restaurant injury, make sure to speak with a personal injury attorney. In some cases, you might have suffered damages but they might not be severe enough to justify seeking compensation for your injuries. However, with an attorney, you will be able to calculate your damages and determine how much you might be compensated for your injuries.

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