What To Do During And After A Motorcycle Accident

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What To Do During And After A Motorcycle Accident

The best way to avoid becoming injured during a motorcycle accident is to come prepared with the right equipment such as a helmet and the appropriate clothing. However, while you are in the middle of the accident, and afterward, there are steps you can take to reduce your injuries and also improve your odds of receiving a better settlement with fewer headaches for a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Actions to Take During a Crash

In most cases, you will know that you're going to fall off your motorcycle when the crash is about to happen. Let go of your handlebars and focus on trying to control where your body goes. Stay low and try to stay on your back. If you are able to slow down, your injuries will be much less severe. 

Unfortunately, accidents can happen suddenly and another motorist might suddenly change lanes and ram into your motorcycle or rear-end you while tailgating. Regardless of the reason, you will want to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer who can explain to you the best legal options you can pursue. 

However, to pursue legal action, you will want to contact emergency services and wait for them to arrive. If they are forced to cut off your leather, allow them to do that. Head to the hospital and receive treatment. Make sure to follow the instructions of your primary care physician. If you do not follow the instructions of your doctor, you might be accused of not being as injured as you claim.

Insurance and Legal Matters

Make sure to always have insurance information handy and give it to the other party. Avoid talking about the accident because anything you say could potentially be used to reduce your settlement. For example, you might claim that you do not feel injured and this might be used to reduce your settlement amount.

When settling, you'll want to work with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer because juries have a tendency to make assumptions about motorcyclists and will be looking for any evidence available that you were engaging in reckless behavior. 

Even if you were planning on settling your case out of court, insurance providers know that the jury is less likely to be sympathetic and will try to offer a lower settlement amount as a result. Therefore, you will want to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can be a tough negotiator and obtain the settlement you deserve.

If you think you have a case, contact a local motorcycle accident lawyer.

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