These Are The Reasons Why Personal Injuries Result From Nursing Homes

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These Are The Reasons Why Personal Injuries Result From Nursing Homes

It is a big deal to entrust the care of your loved one with a nursing home or another care facility. It is important that you understand the role of assisted living and other facilities in providing adequate care. Care for your loved one should not include injury, but it's possible that it may.

Many seniors experience injuries in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and you might wonder what types of accidents occur. These are some of the reasons why these lawsuits occur.


Falls can result in serious injuries and even deaths. When you have facilities that provide care for those who are elderly and those who are injured, falls can occur.

These facilities have a duty of care to residents to provide them with safety and care. This means you might pursue a case against a nursing home or assisted living facility based on poor lighting, wet floors, and improper supervision.


Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, are wounds that develop over time. This means that for a bedsore to develop, your loved one was not moved often enough. They had prolonged contact with a bed or wheelchair, for example.

Personal injuries are often based on the fact that patients with low mobility or those with nerve damage can be neglected. These bedsores can worsen if they are not treated, which also indicates medical negligence.

Poor Hygiene

Improper care and poor hygiene go hand in hand in these facilities. Staff members are tasked with providing care for your loved one, which includes ensuring that they are able to bathe and have access to things like soap.

Additionally, poor hygiene can relate to unsanitary practices. The facility may not be as clean as it should be, resulting in infection for your loved one and others.

Why Pursue an Injury Case?

An injury case is critical to receive the compensation your loved one deserves. Your attorney will place a value on your case to determine what your loved one may be owed for their emotional and physical pain and suffering as well as medical bills. These funds help you seek recovery for your loved one.

Consult With an Injury Attorney

Injury attorneys are well-versed in these types of cases. They see all types of nursing homes and assisted living facilities that injure their patients, even if it is not intentional. Consult with an injury lawyer in your area today to learn more about pursuing a legal case.

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