Will Injuries From A Violent Customer Leave You Entitled To Workers' Compensation Benefits?

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Will Injuries From A Violent Customer Leave You Entitled To Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Customers can sometimes become very irate and may use very colorful language when they aren't satisfied. However, some customers will cross the line and even become violent and injure you. Afterward, you might have medical bills to pay. However, you will be able to file a workers' compensation claim even if it was a customer who injured you.

Many Forms of Violence Are Considered Workplace Violence

Workplace violence not only includes physical violence but also includes verbal abuse. If you have been the victim of workplace violence, you will want to report to your employer immediately and even consider contacting the police so that the customer can be brought to justice. Then, you may want to speak with a workers' compensation lawyer so you can file for workers' compensation in the proper way.

Anyone Is Entitled to Workers' Compensation for Injuries on the Job

Regardless of how you are injured, you will likely be covered under workers' compensation insurance because it is a no-fault system. However, the conflict at work must not be personal in nature. For example, you cannot have a relationship with the customer that has led to the violent incident. Also, you must not have provoked or instigated the incident.

Because of the requirements for receiving compensation for your injuries under workers' compensation insurance, you will need to prepare an argument for why your workplace violence was work-related and why you weren't responsible for the violence that occurred. 

For example, you might have known the customer but did not have an established relationship, and the customer may have been angry due to a problem related to your business, such as a plate of food that was served cold. Also, you may need to prove that your workplace exposed you to a greater level of risk in the workplace than you would have been exposed to otherwise.

The Workers' Compensation Insurance Provider Will Demand Evidence

You must receive medical treatment for your injuries. This will help establish that the injuries you are reporting are directly related to the incident. You will also want to write down everything that occurred so your workers' compensation attorney can help you prove that your injuries are work-related. 

Your attorney will help you make sure that all of your necessary work documents are submitted. If the insurance provider still refuses to compensate you for your injuries, you may need to have your workers' compensation case settled in court.

To learn more, contact a workers' compensation attorney.

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