Injured In A Collision With A Commercial Truck

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Injured In A Collision With A Commercial Truck

A job delivering cargo or other things usually comes with a nice salary, especially if you must drive a large truck to do so. Driving such a big truck must be done with caution, as it can cause serious injuries when involved in a collision with a vehicle that is substantially smaller. Most trucking companies are very careful about who they hire in an effort to avoid accidents from happening, but sometimes applicants are chosen on a careless basis. If you were injured due to the carelessness of the driver of a commercial truck, you possibly have a cause to file a personal injury lawsuit against the employer of the driver. To find out what your legal rights are in the situation, you will need to speak to a lawyer about the accident.

Payment After Winning the Case

Due to you suing on the basis of suffering a personal injury, it is likely that you don't have to worry about having a lot of money to pay your legal fees. Basically, it is common for most lawyers to work with the hopes of a contingency fee being paid. The money will not be paid to the lawyer unless you end up winning the personal injury lawsuit and getting paid. Your lawyer can take his or her fees out of the money awarded for your injuries. A lawyer will usually only accept payment on such a basis if they are confident that their client will win the lawsuit, such as based on the overall situation and evidence.

Proving Fault of the Other Party

Just because your vehicle is substantially smaller than the commercial truck that you were involved in a collision with, it doesn't automatically make the other party guilty. Being distracted or driving in a negligent manner on your behalf could have caused the accident, which is why a lawyer will make sure you are not at fault. Even if the officers at the scene of the crash believe that you are not at fault, a lawyer will still want to confirm that it is fair. The reason why is because the company that the other party works for will hire a lawyer who might try to pin the accident on you. Your lawyer will have enough evidence to contest anything that is falsely blamed on you.

Filing a Lawsuit Against a Business Owner

When your lawyer drafts up the papers to file a lawsuit against the employer of the other party, he or she will then make sure they are filed in court. The court will serve the employer to let them know about the lawsuit, and it is possible that you will be offered a settlement. The reason why is because most business owners don't want such legal matters to be publicized. If a settlement is offered, your lawyer will let you know if accepting it is in your best interest or not. Contact a firm like Frenkel & Frenkel for a consultation.

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