How A Car Accident Can Throw You Out Of Your Vehicle

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How A Car Accident Can Throw You Out Of Your Vehicle

Car crashes are horrifying and can lead to serious injuries, but motorists have an advantage over motorcyclists and bicyclists because they are protected by seat belts, airbags, and the car itself. However, if you are thrown from your own vehicle during a crash, you're much more likely to suffer serious injuries.

How an Ejection from a Car Occurs

If you are struck from behind by a strong enough force, such as a commercial vehicle, you may be thrown through the windshield and out of your car. The driver hitting you from behind would likely be at fault.

Another common reason for a driver to be ejected from a vehicle is when the car rolls over. The force of the roll-over can cause you to become stuck in the windshield or even under your own vehicle. Doors are often torn off during these accidents, and this can create an opening for you to be ejected from your vehicle. If you are riding with another passenger, you might collide with them. 

Injuries Caused By Being Thrown from a Car

One of the most common types of injuries caused by being thrown from a vehicle is broken bones. Broken bones can take time to heal, and you may even need surgery. To be able to return to work, you may need physical therapy as well. All of this treatment can be expensive. You also deserve compensation for any lost wages.

You may also suffer a spine injury. These can be among the most debilitating injuries and may leave you paralyzed. If you believe that you have injured your spine, you should not move until medical professionals have arrived. If you are permanently disabled, you will be entitled lost future potential earnings.

You could be suffering from internal injuries. A common internal injury is internal bleeding. If this is the case, you must visit the hospital as soon as possible. These types of injuries can be quickly fatal. If you are thrown from the car, you're also much more likely to hit your head on the glass of your windshield or on the ground which can lead to a traumatic brain injury. This can lead to cognitive problems and can also cause health problems in every other area of your body.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Because of the serious injuries you might suffer due to being thrown from a car, it's essential that you speak with an auto accident lawyer near you as soon as possible so you can begin the process of seeking compensation for your injuries. 

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