Nursing Home Abuse Is Not Always Blatant

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Nursing Home Abuse Is Not Always Blatant

The staff at nursing home facilities are entrusted with the care and safety of one of the most vulnerable groups: elders. As a result, each person must go the extra step to ensure the needs of each resident are carefully met. When the staff does not work towards this goal, they could be guilty of negligence. Learn more about what this neglect looks like, even when it is not obvious.

Weight Loss

It is normal for a person's weight to decrease as they get older and their appetite to naturally shrink. However, everything should be in moderation. If you notice your loved one has lost a vast amount of weight, quickly, it could be that their nutritional needs are being neglected, intentionally. If the nursing home cannot medically explain the weight loss, it is likely a problem.


The fact that your loved one cannot move about independently is not an excuse for the nursing home to not properly attend to your loved one. All residents should be changed, cleaned, and rotated in their beds regularly. When they are not, they develop bedsores. Bedsores are painful and, in some instances, they can lead to infection, so this type of condition should never be tolerated. 

Mysterious Injuries

The overwhelming majority of nursing home staff members work diligently to keep their residents safe, but the reality is that things happen. However, when accidents happen, the injuries make sense. If you visit your loved one and they have a bruise, but no one can explain to you what happened, or their explanation does not make sense, your loved one may be being neglected or abused.

Emotional Scars

Look for changes in the emotional health of your loved one. For example, does your loved one have an extreme fear of a particular staff member or have they developed anxiety from being in the facility. In some instances, this emotional reaction could be the result of unfair and unpleasant treatment on the part of the nursing home staff and should be further investigated.

Blatant Abuse Is Not Necessary

It is important to keep in mind that blatant abuse is not the threshold for a personal injury claim. If your loved one has sustained any form of abuse at the hands of negligent nursing home practices — your family has the right to seek compensation. If you detect any form of abuse, you should take action. It is essential that you speak with a personal injury attorney to resolve the matter and move toward better care. 

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