Legal Assistance With Workers Comp Benefits

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Legal Assistance With Workers Comp Benefits

An injury can occur when least expected and lead to someone not being able to work anymore or only be able to perform a job that isn't too strenuous. Based on the laws in most states, an employee can legally obtain workers' compensation benefits. However, just because you have a job and get injured, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will automatically have the right to workers' comp benefits. There are several reasons why an employee might be disqualified, which is why talking to a lawyer about the situation before applying is the best thing to do. A lawyer will inform you about the workers' comp benefits in your state, let you know if you should apply, and help you through the application process. 

Finding out If You Are Eligible for Benefits

One thing that can make you qualified for workers' comp benefits is getting injured on the job. Even if the injury occurred when you were performing a job that wasn't inside the business establishment, you might be qualified. For example, if your job requires you to make deliveries and you get injured during the process, you might qualify for the benefits. However, if you were injured while clocked out of work, it isn't likely that you will be qualified. To learn more in-depth details about what makes you qualified, speak to a lawyer so he or she can assess your specific situation.

Going Back to Work While Injured

There isn't a rule that says you can't go back to work after you have been injured on the job. However, if you return to work, your workers' comp benefits might be denied when you apply to receive them. If you return to work but perform an easier position that is lower paid than your previous one, you can possibly still receive the benefits. Continuing to work in such a situation means that you are able to bring in an income, so the workers' comp benefits will likely be reduced. A lawyer can let you know how much compensation you might receive based on your income.

Contesting a Denial for Workers Comp Benefits

If you get denied after filling out an application, it doesn't mean that you don't deserve workers' comp benefits. You may have filled out the application wrong or were simply denied for no reason. If you desire to contest a denial, let a workers' compensation lawyer assist with the process so you will have a better chance of getting approved.

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