Be Careful What You Sign With A Commercial Vehicle Insurance Provider

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Be Careful What You Sign With A Commercial Vehicle Insurance Provider

After you are involved in a car accident, you might be concerned that you won't be taken care of especially after an 18-wheeler accident. However, the commercial insurance provider who covers the 18-wheeler might choose to contact you and offer a settlement. However, to move the process forward, the insurance provider may also ask you to give a statement and sign a release. This is something you should avoid until you have spoken with an 18-wheeler accident attorney.

Don't Fall for the Settlement Offer

The insurance provider might tell you that you'll only receive a settlement if you sign a release. However, doing so may lead to the insurance provider tricking you into accepting a much lower settlement offer than you deserve. For example, you might make a statement that you may not realize would damage your claim. For example, your statement might have included a detail that could be misconstrued as evidence that you were actually at fault for the accident.

Even if your claim is not denied, you might settle before you are fully recovered. You may discover that your medical bills are more expensive than you anticipated. However, once you have settled, you may not seek further compensation for your injuries even if you discover that your injuries are worse than expected. You will receive a much greater settlement if you hire an accident attorney.

What to Do Instead

Make sure to obtain as many documents as you can with the help of an accident attorney. Document everything as early as possible because memories fade, and having incorrect information will increase the risk that your insurance claim will be denied. Ideally, keep a journal and have the journal reviewed by your attorney so they can make sure that you did not forget any important details. Write down how your life has changed since the accident and any pain and suffering you experience regularly.

Also, do not delay your visit to the doctor. Make sure to cooperate with all treatments, and do not take any breaks from your treatment. Any disruption of your treatment schedule can be used by a commercial insurance provider to argue that you were not as injured as you claimed.

While you should be careful with what you say to the commercial insurance provider, you should be perfectly honest with your accident attorney. The opposing side has the right to ask embarrassing questions, and you won't want your attorney to be surprised by details about you that would have been useful to know.

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