Teratogens Can Cause Birth Defects--You Aren't Alone

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Teratogens Can Cause Birth Defects--You Aren't Alone

Birth defects cause the deaths and serious health issues of many infant children each year. Many of these birth defects are caused by teratogen exposure in the womb. While most pregnant women do their best to avoid dangerous substances, teratogen exposure may occur accidentally or unknowingly for many women who do not know that they are pregnant.

What Is a Teratogen?

A teratogen is a substance that causes some sort of problem with the development of an embryo. There are many different types of teratogens, and some pregnant women come into contact with teratogens unintentionally.

For instance, you may come into contact with a teratogen through a medication prescribed by a doctor. You could also come into contact with these substances at work or even in poor air quality.

What Can You Do If Your Child Was Exposed?

Exposure to teratogens could mean that you are eligible to receive financial compensation. You may be able to use this money to cover medical bills and other care your child may need. After all, caring for a child who has been exposed to teratogens can be costly, especially if he or she is left with ongoing disability or health issues.

Why Hire a Birth Defect Lawyer?

Birth defect attorneys ensure that you are not taken advantage of after your developing baby has been exposed to dangerous substances of chemicals. The organization or individual responsible for your child's birth defect may try to offer you a settlement that is worth less than your child's injuries are worth.

Perhaps you are unsure about the origin of the teratogen you were exposed to. If this is the case for you, it may be beneficial to hire a birth defect attorney who can look into different causes of exposure.

You do not have to know the laws surrounding birth defects when you hire an attorney. While you may not be sure how to move forward with your case, a birth defect attorney does. They will help you determine if you have a case and fall within the statute of limitations for a civil case against those responsible for your child's current health or disability status.

Do you believe that you were exposed to teratogens that may impact your child's development or health? You may have a strong case. Call a birth defect attorney today to discuss your case with a professional who will work hard toward justice.

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