Negotiating A Settlement With The Help Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Negotiating A Settlement With The Help Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are injured because of the actions or neglect of a person or company, you have the right to receive compensation for your damages. In some instances, you might get a settlement offer immediately from an insurance company where you will have to sign that you do not hold the company liable any further for your injuries. When an offer comes quickly, this usually indicates that you have a strong case and that there is plenty of room for negotiating your settlement. If an offer isn't enough to compensate for your losses, a personal injury lawyer can negotiate on your behalf. Insurance companies are quick to offer settlements when they know there is the potential for a much larger judgment against them.

Never Sign a Settlement Offer

Even if you agree that a settlement offer is reasonable, bring the offer to a personal injury attorney to be reviewed. You want to make sure that the offer makes sense, as your losses may be more substantial down the road. Allow an attorney to review any offer before you sign it.

Allow an Attorney to Negotiate for You

When you work with a personal injury attorney, they review your case carefully to evaluate your losses. Your attorney will have a good idea of what your case is worth and your chances of recovering damages in court. The insurance company knows you are serious when you hire an attorney, and they are going to be more willing to negotiate a settlement with an attorney than they are with the injured party.

Figuring Out Your Losses

Serious injuries can lead to lifelong complications. You might never be able to return to work, or you could have chronic pain that you have to deal with. If you have lost income, you are permanently disabled, and you can't enjoy your life, this is all taken into consideration when figuring out a settlement offer. If you are too quick to settle, you might not reach a medical end to treatment. While a fast settlement guarantees you some quick cash, it may not account for your losses in the near future.

Negotiating a settlement requires knowing what your case is worth. A personal injury lawyer will have a better chance of getting you the money you deserve when you are injured because of another person. Let your attorney negotiate on your behalf, and get the settlement offer you deserve.

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