Signs That Slip And Fall Accident Wasn't Your Fault

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Signs That Slip And Fall Accident Wasn't Your Fault

Have you recently suffered as a result of a slip and fall accident? Did this accident happen at a place of business, at the home of a friend or family member, or in a public place? If you've answered yes to these questions, then you should know that your accident may not have been through any fault of your own. Furthermore, someone else might be legally responsible for your accident and all related fees.

While it's always best to thoroughly discuss any slip and fall accident with a personal injury attorney, you should be especially vigilant if there are indicators that the accident wasn't your fault at all.

Wet Floors

Think back to the day of your fall. Try to remember the circumstances surrounding it. Was the surface that you tripped or slipped on wet or damp? Maybe someone had neglected to clean up a spill or there was a leak in the ceiling that caused water to be on the floor. Perhaps there weren't even any warning signs or other indicators that something was wrong.

Whether there were or not, if you slipped in water or moisture, then you may have a valid case on your hands.


Another thing to think about is whether or not you had permission to be in the area you were in at the time of your slip and fall accident. If you were in a restricted area that was clearly marked as such or if you were trespassing, then you might not have much of a case on your hands.

If, however, you were in a public place or some other place where you were legally allowed to be and where you could legally and reasonably assume you would be safe, then that's another matter entirely, one that should be further discussed and pursued with a legal professional.

Defective Surfaces

Finally, consider whether or not the surface you slipped and fell on was defective in some way. Was the floor uneven, for example? Or, maybe the stairs had a loose step or a nail sticking up. Whatever the case may be, if something was wrong with the surface, then you might be able to seek legal compensation.

Of course, the only way to know for sure if you have a valid case is to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Carefully discuss your situation and the details of your accident. Chances are, you might have a great chance at compensation.

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