What Happens When Two Commercial Vehicles Collide? Stay Tuned!

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What Happens When Two Commercial Vehicles Collide? Stay Tuned!

Auto accidents are messy enough. When you involve a semi or another type of commercial vehicle, things are really complicated. Then there are accidents where two commercial vehicles collide. Now you have some very big problems indeed. If you were recently in an accident as a driver of a commercial vehicle, then you should be speaking with a commercial vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible. Here is what the attorney will tell you. 

Do Not Say Anything to the Police Beyond the Fact That You Were Driving and You Are Insured

As far as your employer is concerned, this accident is between them and the owner of the company vehicle driven by the other driver in the accident. Things can get very messy very fast if you say too much or the wrong thing to a police officer at the scene of the accident. You can provide your CDL and personal license, as well as the name of the company you are driving for (if it is not already on the side of the truck).

Other than that, you cannot really confirm or deny if you have insurance and/or with what insurance company. Your employer handles those details. Be sure to contact your boss to see if you can trade insurance information with the other driver before you give up that information. You want to be certain that there have not been any lapses in coverage before you provide that information.

Ask Your Boss about a Lawyer

Even if the other driver does not sue your employer, the other driver could sue you personally. If your employer has a company lawyer on retainer for accidents, ask your employer if the lawyer can defend you in a lawsuit. Sometimes some employers refrain from allowing employees to use any other lawyer outside of the ones that the employer has retained. The rest of the time you are free to secure and retain your own accident attorney. 

If you are free to get your own lawyer, do so as soon as you can. It is not only a preventive measure against a lawsuit against you, but also a proactive measure so that you can sue the other driver/company for medical bills and damages to you. If the other driver did anything illegal and caused the accident, you definitely want a lawyer and a lawsuit for compensation. Otherwise, you will be stuck paying the bills. 

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